2024 Awards


A new year, a new adventure. We aim to prove that our top sellers are the best at everything they do and continue challenging ourselves to stay consistent. Here are the awards we have won so far this year. 

World Cheese Championship -

Young 2-4- 1st Place

Mature 6-9- 1st Place

Golden 2-4- 1st Place

Honey Clover- 2nd Place

Smoked Cumin- 2nd Place

Golden 12-18- 2nd Place

Young 2-4- 3rd Place

Holy Trinity - 3rd Place

Jalapeno - 3rd Place

Wisconsin State Fair Winners-

Hatch Pepper. - 1st Place

Smoked - 2nd Place

Golden - 3rd Place

Belegen 4-6 months- 1st Place

American Cheese Society-

Smoked - 1st Place

Hatch Pepper- 1st Place 

Honey Clover Cheese Spread- 1st Place

Smoked Cumin- 2nd Place

Mature Gouda 6-9 Months- 2nd Place

Aged Gouda 9-12 Months- 2nd Place

Foenegreek Gouda - 2nd Place

Original Gouda Cheese Spread - 3rd Place

Keep checking in throughout the year to see this list grow.