2023 Awards

US Cheese Championship

We are incredibly grateful for the success that Marieke Gouda has achieved since its inception. It is truly humbling to reflect on the fact that just three months after creating our first batch of gouda, we were honored with a Best in Class award at the US Cheese Championship. Since then, we have been fortunate enough to bring home over 200 additional awards. The year 2023 has been particularly special for us as we were privileged to receive 40 awards including our first Sofi Award. We are deeply grateful for the recognition that our cheese has received and remain committed to producing the highest quality products possible.

See what flavors won in 2023:

US Cheese Championship

Golden- 2nd place

Young 2-4 months- Best in class, 2nd place, and 3rd place

Mature 6-9 months -2nd place

Black Mustard-Best in Class

Foenegreek- 3rd place

Smoked- 2nd place

Gouda Spread- Best in Class

Hatch Pepper Spread- 3rd place


Young 2-4 months- 3rd place

Belegen 4-6 months- 1st place

Aged 9-12 months- 1st place

Burning Melange- 3rd place

Smoked- 2nd place

Hatch Pepper Spread- 3rd place

Honey Clover Spread-1st place 

Wisconsin State Fair

Golden- 1st place

Premium 12-18 months-2nd place

Reserve 1000+ Days- 2nd place

Smoked- 1st place

International Cheese and Dairy Association

Golden- 3rd place

Young 2-4 months- 1st place & 2nd place

Belegen 4-6 months- 1st place

Mature 6-9 months-2nd place

Reserve 1000+ days- 1st place and 3rd place

Smoked Cumin- 1st place

Truffle- 2nd place

Gouda Spread- 2nd place

Sofi Award

Reserve 1000+ Days- New Product

World Cheese Awards

Hatch Pepper- 1st place

Overjarige- 2nd place

Super Aged- 2nd place

Smoked- 2nd place

Aged 9-12 months- 2nd place 

Reserve 1000+ Days- 3rd place

Overjarige- 3rd place

Smoked Cumin- 3rd place

Mature 6-9 months- 3rd place

Belegen 4-6 months- 3rd place

Young 2-4 months- 3rd place

Truffle-3rd place 

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