Pickwick Lemon has all the taste of real fruits. The lemon peel added to the tea blend; result in a delicious, refreshing tea with lemon flavor. Enjoy your cup of Pickwick Lemon at any moment of the day.

Ingredients: Black Tea, flavorings, lemon peel (1%)


Pickwick TeaPickwick Tea was originally known under the brand name of its manufacturer, Douwe Egberts. In 1753, the Douwe Egberts family opened a small shop in Holland that sold coffee, tea and tobacco. Their tea logo displayed a drawing of an English mail coach, which became so popular and recognizable that the company decided to find an English brand name for their tea. The wife of a director at Douwe Egberts who loved books by the British writer Charles Dickens, suggested a name inspired by Dickens' novel Pickwick Papers. Since 1937, Douwe Egberts has sold their tea under the name Pickwick.

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Pickwick Tea - Lemon


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