Create your own selections of cheese with the perfect amount for a cheese enthusiast! These are around 7 oz handcut pie cut pieces. Just select your favorite 6 cheese flavors and we take care of the rest! Also includes the best Wisconsin garlic sausage (Nolechek's), a box of delicious cracker (we are currently out of CaPeachio's crackers. You will recieve Potter's Crackers instead), and a mini cheese slicer to it!


 Shipping is included with these gift boxes.


Flavors available are:

- Marieke® Gouda Plain Young (2-4 months)
- Marieke® Gouda Plain Belegen (4-6 months)

- Marieke® Gouda Plain (6-9 months)

- Marieke® Gouda Plain (9-12 months)

- Marieke® Golden (9-12 months)

- Marieke® Golden (12-18 months)

- Marieke® Gouda Black Mustard (2-4 months)

- Marieke® Gouda Black Pepper Mix (9-12 months)
- Marieke® Gouda Burning Mélange (2-4, 9-12, & 24+ months)

- Marieke® Gouda Chipotle (18-24 months)

- Marieke® Gouda Cranberry (12-18 months)

- Marieke® Gouda Cumin (9-12 months)

- Marieke® Gouda Foenegreek (2-4 & 6-9 months)

- Marieke® Gouda Hatch Pepper (12-18 months)

- Marieke® Gouda Jalapeño (2-4 months)

- Marieke® Gouda Mustard Mélange (2-4 months & 18-24 months)

- Marieke® Gouda Onion Garlic (2-4 months)

- Marieke® Gouda Smoked Cumin (6-9 months)

- Marieke® Gouda Smoked (2-4 months)

- Marieke® Gouda Thorp Red Wine (6-9 months)

- Marieke® Gouda Truffle (2-4 & 4-6 months)

Please add your 6 favorite flavors in 'Your Flavor Selection:'.

Cheese Lover Gift Box


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